Farm products

All production at Mjåland Gård is run ecologically.

The largest production is organic strawberries. Demand is high and production is expanding every year. You can buy organic strawberries directly from the farm or send an order by e-mail to

Production of organic vegetables, herbs and berries increases at Mjåland Gård. We have grown out of the kitchen garden and now use about 3,5 acres to grow the most common vegetables and new products in different colors and shapes. Can also be purchased from the farm and ordered.

In the summer of 2016 Mandalen community-shared agriculture was started. We at Mjåland Gård deliver organic vegetables, herbs and berries to the community-shared agriculture. Birte Usland at GressliGodt delivers meat from pig, cattle and calf. The pigs go out all summer and get organic feed in addition to what they find in nature. You can get more information about the community-shared agriculture and membership on our website


Mjåland Gård sells its products from farm sales, to restaurants, shops, Bama and other businesses.

If you wish to order strawberries or other products, please contact us by SMS or by e-mail Tel. +47 90660209

Dyreparken zoo and amusement park is a big customer. They use as much as possible local food at all their eateries. In addition, everything in Hakkebakkeskogen must be organic. The strawberry jam that is served in the park comes from the fields at Mjåland Gård.


It is beautiful and tasteful at Mjåland Gård, and with all the vegetables and the fresh strawberries the experience is unforgettable.




Farm products