Since the 17th century there has been life and operation at Mjåland Gård. At Laudal in Marnardal, just north of Mandal, you meet an idyll where both wild salmon and people stop. Right on the banks of the Mandalselva, salmon fishermen, tourists, job seekers and safety seekers find peace and unforgettable nature experiences. In the past, there were forests and fisheries that were the most important industries in this valley. Ever since the early Stone Age there has been a stable settlement here.

Brit Mjåland took over the operation of the farm in 2001. She grew up at Mjåland Gård, and today she almost takes the beautiful river rapids for granted. Brit loves the green and sow’s small seeds that grow big and strong. She has four own children and has been a foster mother for several years. Mjåland Gård offers good ballast and a new start for many.

Together with her partner, Helge Hesland, they live for the farm and are constantly looking for new development opportunities. Mjåland Gård is a fresh shamrock consisting of three green leaves. Camping, activities and farm products. These three leaves provide nutrition, growth opportunities and life on the farm and in Marnardal.

Mandalselva is every salmon fisherman’s dream. At Mjåland camping, fellowship is facilitated, and salmon fishermen with families can enjoy life while fishing on the famous stretch of the Mandalselva.

“Inn på tunet”, was one of the first activities on the farm. An activity where people can get a new and natural start when challenges over time have been too demanding. Mjåland Gård has extensive experience in this type of activities and cooperates with the public sector.

Tasty, organic strawberries and rare perennials are some of the farm products that are grown for sale on the farm and at the farm’s online store.

Shamrock Mjåland Gård further develops camping and tourism activities, creates activity for people who need personal development and produce organic products such as perennials and strawberries. Mjåland Gård still finds new paths.

A haven in the middle of Norway’s most beautiful scenery, where nature’s own elements provide growth, experiences and new life.